Using the Lasso to Cut, Copy, Delete and Duplicate

Who this is for: The lasso tool is only in iPad or iPhone app, not yet on the web.

The lasso is an excellent tool to select a shape, item or even entire section of a Sheet, then delete, move and/or duplicate it.

After you draw using the markers or blob tool, tap the and trace around the area you would like to select. Note: anything within the lasso will be included in whatever action you take, for instance, if you lasso a corner of a triangle, the whole triangle will be selected. As soon as you lift your finger, options will appear allowing you to:

Cut, Copy, and Delete work the same as in a word processor

Duplicating your shape creates a second one directly on top of the original, which you can then move wherever you want.

Once your duplicate is where you want it, tap outside of it to deselect and leave it there. If you decide you don’t want it after all, you can throw it off the edge of the screen to delete.

Use two fingers to resize, rotate, or move a picked up shape.

To rapidly paste numerous copies of your selection, use the lasso to select, tap Copy, and then “stamp” by moving your selection to where you want and tapping with a second finger, which drops a copy in place. This is a super fast way for making rows of things!

The stamp function also works when using the two finger method to resize and rotate your selection—the copy you leave behind will match what you’ve chosen when stamping.

To exit the lasso function, select a marker or the blob tool and continue scribbling.