Scribble Together Masterclass

Who this is for: These tips are for people using the iPad or iPhone app.

Once you’ve nailed the basics, it’s time to level up!

Just Swipe Up

You can select the option you wish to use within a tool in one swipe instead of two taps. Drag up on the tool to see the options, then lift up your finger when you’re on the tool you’d like to switch to. This works for colors too!

Put a Stamp On It

To quickly duplicate an item and drop it anywhere on the screen, select the lasso tool and circle the area you wish to create a “stamp” of. The selected area will appear slightly highlighted. Remember that anything the lasso touches will be included in the duplicate.

Place your finger on the area you wish to duplicate, then use another finger to touch anywhere on the screen to make your stamp, then you can continue to move your object to make additional stamps.

More help on the lasso tool is here.

Scroll This Way

To move or drop something you have picked up anywhere within your board, keep your finger on the selected item, then use a finger on your other hand to scroll up and down the screen from the top to the bottom of a sheet.


You can draw something by tracing over an existing or uploaded image. To move your drawing to a new Sheet or whiteboard, use the lasso tool to select, then copy and paste.