Mutual Support Membership

We are working hard to ensure that Scribble Together is a sustainable project. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a membership! Your $5/month helps us cover our server costs and build new features. If you don’t have a membership, you can purchase one here.

We don’t want price to be a barrier to collaboration or learning, therefore we strive to support our members as best we can. Our Mutual Support Membership is here for those who need it — especially educators and students in public institutions. This membership offers all the same features as a regular membership, but for $1.99 per month. You can purchase a reduced membership here. If this price is still a barrier, email and we can help.

We can also offer group memberships for schools or businesses. These group memberships are billed centrally with one credit card. Each member of the school or business can access the group subscription by verifying their email address. If you are interested, please email to get set up.

If you already have a subscription through Apple’s in-app purchases, here’s how you can convert it to a discounted membership with us directly:

  1. Cancel your Apple subscription. Here are instructions for cancelling an In-App Purchase subscription.
  2. Your membership will continue for the period you’ve already paid for. Wait for that period to expire.
  3. Make sure your email is associated with your Scribble account. If you use Scribble Together from the iOS app, go to the All Boards screen and tap Settings to enter your email.
  4. Visit the discounted membership link. Sign in, if needed, and then purchase the new membership.

— May-Li and Bridger