Scribble Together for Zoom

So many of you have told us you use Scribble Together with Zoom. Today, we’ve made it even easier to use the two together: with the Scribble Together app for Zoom.

After installing the Scribble Together app for Zoom from the Zoom app Marketplace, members will be able to create and share whiteboards that are automatically available for any guests who open the Scribble Together App for Zoom while inside the same meeting.

They’ll also be able to access a QR code from within the Scribble Together app for Zoom so that participants can point their device cameras at the screen, pop open a URL, and immediately start drawing. If they have iOS, they don’t even need to install the iOS app to take advantage of the app’s native whiteboard functionality – they can open up the App Clip and start drawing.

If you need help getting started, read our Scribble Together for Zoom guide.

We hope you enjoy using our new Scribble Together app for Zoom and that this closer integration helps you keep drawing together.