Zoom Guide

So many of you have told us you use Scribble Together with Zoom. The Scribble Together app for Zoom makes it even easier to use the two together. Here is how it works.

Installing Scribble Together in Zoom

You can find the Scribble Together app in the Zoom app Marketplace. You will be prompted by Zoom to allow access and then Scribble Together will open in Zoom.

Note: If your Zoom account is managed by your employer, you may need your company admin to approve Scribble Together’s app for Zoom first.

Scribble with others in the meeting

Whiteboards you create in Zoom will be automatically available to any guest in the same meeting.

To draw together, ask the other meeting participants open the Scribble Together app for Zoom. You can share it with them by hitting the blue paper airplane . Once they also have the app open they’ll immediately see the option to join your whiteboard.

You can also use our short join codes or link sharing, as always, for anyone to join even outside of Zoom.

Draw on a touchscreen

It is convenient to start and share a whiteboard within Zoom, but drawing is best on a touch screen. You can easily open the same whiteboard on your tablet or phone by scanning the QR code inside Zoom. If you have iOS, the app clip will open immediately for native performance and Pencil integration.

So much more

All of our web app features, such as PDF annotation, are available from within Zoom. You can read more about these features in our Getting Started guide.

Uninstalling from Zoom

If you need to remove Scribble Together from Zoom, navigate to the Zoom app Marketplace’s Installed Apps. Click uninstall next to Scribble Together.

Need help?

Our help articles answer more common questions. You can also contact us by emailing help@scribbletogether.com