Scribbling in the Classroom: Teacher Testimonial

Hello! My name is Zach Schroeder. I graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education in 2010. I’m now a 10th year teacher in my 4th year of a teacher at a project based learning school and member of the New Tech Network in Columbus, Indiana—CSA New Tech High in Columbus, Indiana. Prior to that, I had 6 years of experience in the traditional setting. I have been working with smartboards, Mobis, and iPads since I began teaching in 2010. I am currently teaching Calculus, Precalculus, Intro to Engineering and Design (PLTW), and Geometry.

Remote Learning

I have been using Scribble Together with iOS’s “Split Screen” feature to create videos of real time side-by-side notes. I’ll have my document on the left side of the screen and I’ll take important notes and work examples on the right side “blank notebook”. This is for students to see how the notes and examples I’m taking on the right side correlate to the textbook’s/note’s work which has been presented on the left side, and which may be slightly different than my own. Creating videos of my work in the Scribble Together app is really easy through the “Screen Recording” feature of the iPad.

In Person Teaching

To use Scribble Together in live class, first I either create a skeleton lesson on Google Docs/Google Slides or I use an existing file. Then I export this to the app as a pdf, which is really easy to do on the iPad!

I connect my computer to a monitor in the room, and then project the shareable link for my students to see my work from my iPad. I also post the shareable link to our Learning Management System (LMS). Since our school is a huge proponent of Universal Design for Learning, I encourage students who have barriers when it comes to seeing the overhead projector to pull up the link on their laptops (we are 1:1 with laptops) and view the same thing they would see on the board without having to squint their eyes or crane their necks to see the board. One of my classes has 42 students in it and the ones in the back of the room love the ability to do this!

Most of the time, I turn editing access off. Although with my more advanced classes, I leave the editing features on and they can highlight or write on the document to let me know exactly what step in the problem they are struggling with. It’s no longer a guessing game to translate from their words to my work where the troubles are happening. Notes are also extremely easy to export from Scribble Together to Google Drive, which I can then post to my LMS. Here, you can see an example where I exported the notes for a student who couldn’t join for the collaborative session.

It’s no longer a guessing game to translate from their words to my work where the troubles are happening.

Google Meet

I have also been using my iPad along with Scribble Together to do meetings with students via Google Meet. I am able to broadcast using the “Screen Recording” feature on the iPad directly to Google Meet. In this way, students can see the problem as it’s being worked and collaborate with me as we are doing it together. I really love the disappearing laser pointer tool for these videos/video conferences so my students know where I’m pointing to!

Video Examples


Area by Slicing

Volumes of Solids

Volumes of Revolution (Washer Method)

Volumes of Revolution (Shell Method)


Function Operations