All the Tools

A Scribbler’s Guide to Tools

The what’s and how to’s of our toolkit…

Blobs & Shapes

Use the Blob to create unique, random, organic, or perfect shapes of any size. It’s fun, flexible and offers a quick solution to draw and fill simultaneously. Also a doodler’s dream tool. If perfection is what you seek, just leave your finger on your drawing to bring the auto-shaper to life and watch your shape poof into its flawless form.

Bomb Eraser

This Eraser works by deleting one whole shape, line or drawing at a time. If you’re committed to deleting something, this is the most efficient way to do it!

Color Palette

We like to offer choices. So you can add more color to your words, drawings and blobs, or keep it all one. This tool is located to the right of the Marker.

Laser Pointer

If you like to talk with your hands, this one’s for you… A helpful functionality to temporarily bring attention to a specific spot on your scribble while in an interactive session. First tap on the pointer tool , then select which color you’d like to use.

Note: Scribbles created with the Laser Pointer last about 3 seconds before disappearing.


A quick way to move, delete, resize and duplicate, the lasso rounds up your selected area whether it be a shape, item or even entire section of a Sheet. Some helpful hints for this tool:


Simply put, the tool that you draw and write with. You can select from two different marker sizes by tapping on the Marker . Drawing shapes and want them to be flawless? Just like when creating with the Blob, leave your finger on your drawing to perfect any shape.