Working with PDFs and Images

We know this feature is a big deal for our scribblers, and we have made it a priority to continue enhancing it!

Working with PDFs and Images

Who this is for: people using the iPad or iPhone app. On the web, you can upload a PDF but you can’t yet export to PDF.

Add a PDF or Image

There are several ways to add PDFs and images to your board. To get started:

Choose between:

Keep in mind that each time you choose a new option, you will be adding a Sheet to your whiteboard. Sheets are like pages in your whiteboard. You can switch between Sheets by tapping the again.

Delete a PDF or Image

Once you’ve added a PDF or Image as a Sheet (doing this essentially adds a page to your Board, which we refer to as Sheets) you must delete the entire Sheet to remove the PDF or image.

To delete, tap the icon in the top right menu bar to view all the Sheets in your whiteboard. Tap and hold on the Sheet you want to delete, and choose “Delete Sheet”.

Export a Scribble PDF

To export your PDF click the share icon in the top right corner. The PDF will include all Sheets in your whiteboard.

Tap “Export as PDF” to share a copy of your PDF via email, text or AirDrop.