Managing Your Subscription

You can begin your Scribble Together membership anytime, either by going to Settings in the app, or from the website.


To start a new collaboration, you must be a member. Joining Scribble also means that your guests can join you for free, there’s no limit on how many guests or whiteboards you can have, and you can access your boards anytime via our website.

If you are a member via a school subscription, click here for teacher testimonials, or here for information on our mutual support membership option. When you first start your membership, you will have a free trial to give us a try!

Direct Subscription (Purchased via web)

If you purchased a subscription directly through our website, the subscription is billed securely using Stripe.

You can manage your subscription by opening Settings via our website. Once in Settings, there is a link to manage your subscription.

Apple Subscription (In App Purchase on iOS)

If you purchased membership in the iOS app, then Apple manages your subscription via iTunes and the App Store. If you’d like to end your subscription, click here.

If you ended your subscription but still got a charge from Apple, we can’t directly refund you but instructions for processing your refund are here

Guests (web + iOS)

Welcome! Whether you are a paying subscriber or not, you can always use Scribble Together as your personal notebook, totally free!

You will need a Scribble membership to invite others to collaborate. As a member, you enjoy the following benefits:

Ready to join us? Sign up here! Need help? Give us a shout